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People Counting

People Counting

Our people counting solutions count the number of people who come and go, at a whole site or within a specific zone of observation. This information can be useful to:

  • retailers, who can use traffic management at their stores, malls, and separate zones within stores and malls
  • banks, who can calculate the number of visitors to their branches
  • hospitality and services establishments, who can count the patrons of restaurants, movie theatres, travel agencies, and more

Management can use this information to:

  • gauge the company’s overall effectiveness
  • measure marketing success
  • see the load on customer-facing spaces
  • improve service by adjusting work schedules to coincide with peak visit periods

If you are leasing out retail areas, you receive advantages worth a mention of their own:

  • measure popularity and forecast growth for your mall or other facilities
  • determine which leased areas are the most attractive and adjust rates to match