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Addictive Virtual Guard is an intelligent High Definition IP CCTV system that uses advanced video analytics to detect specific objects such as people and cars and match them with advanced rules such as the amount of objects or even time spent in a certain area.

The system acts as a ‘Virtual Guard’ enabling the automatic alerting of authorities such as a 24×7 secure monitoring facility who can intern ‘visually verify’ an activity and take the appropriate action which may involve advising the local police directly.

Features and Benefits

  • Remove costly static guards and significantly reduce costs.
  • Proactive protection stops damage before it occurs.
  • Intelligent pattern-based video analytics for greater accuracy and fewer false alarms.
  • Remotely monitored and recorded in High Definition.
  • Lower insurance claims.
  • Redundant reporting paths. The system can still transmit alarms if connectivity to the internet is lost.
  • Integration with Alarm and Access control for further ROI and site security.
  • Automated warning messages on site if a human is detected.
  • Always on technology. Never miss a thing.
  • Fully supported and monitored system.