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November 2017

10 Tips for Spotting a Phishing Email

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10 Tips for Spotting a Phishing Email Unfortunately, phishing scams are being discovered more and more to unsuspecting people around the world. Although most of these scam messages are obviously fake, some are very convincing and can trick just about anyone. The question is, how can you tell the difference between a real message and [...]

September 2017

February 2017

People and Vehicle Counting – Embedded within Avigilon Control Centre

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Embedded Analytics within Avigilon Control Centre Client Addictive Technology Solutions have developed another first for Video Analytics. We now have the ability to embed live People and Vehicle counting directly within the Avigilon Control Centre Client. This integration allows for viewing counters in real time as well as recording the statistics for post [...]

Disaster Recovery – Data Loss and Your Business

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Data loss is a serious threat for the modern business and the statistics behind it can be frightening. According to research company Gartner, 24% of companies say that they have experienced a full data disaster. Even more alarming is that 70% of small businesses that suffer major data loss will go out of business [...]

Avigilon CCTV POS Integration

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Integrating your CCTV system with your POS (Point of Sale System) is a very powerful way for a retailer to immediately gain perspective on a particular cash register (POS) transaction. It eliminates a lot of manual processing and allows for quick fact checking. There are many powerful time saving benefits of this particular integration including: [...]

Cut Costs, Increase Sales and Sleep Better – The Magic of Outsourcing IT

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Look around you, the world today is owned by people who run businesses. Beyond that, the people at the helm of affairs are those that have somehow employed the use of Information Technology in their processes and who have remained flexible enough in the way that it shapes their businesses. The singular unchanging quality of [...]

Addictive Recognised as an ANZ Finalist for the Golden Datto Awards

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DattoCon 2016 saw Addictive Technology Solutions nominated as a finalist for the ANZ Regions Golden Datto Award for partner of the year. DattoCon 2016 was an amazing event which saw a member of our technical team travel to Nashville in the United States to attend. Addictive was fortunate enough to be recognised as a [...]