Good news! One of Microsoft’s newest apps, MyAnaltyics, is now available to all Office 365 users as well as to some users of Microsoft 365 Enterprise and Business suite. The app is designed to help you work smarter and more efficiently, plus it will show you where you can find some free time.


MyAnalytics comes with a dashboard that shows you statistics relative to your work patterns over the past month. This includes the amount of time that you were able to focus and collaborate plus the number of days that you were able to disconnect from work. It also provides information on how effective you were in networking with your coworkers. Don’t be surprised to find out that you are not as effective as you thought. Most people overestimate the amount of time they have for uninterrupted focused work.

Time Tracking

Once the MyAnalytics app tracks the amount of time you spend on emails, meetings, Skype business calls and chats, it summarizes the data and suggests ways that you might be able to work more efficiently. Of course, the exact time will vary from site to site depending on your business IT support. The app also tracks the amount of work you put in after hours and helps you to write more focused and effective email messages.

Efficiency Suggestions

In addition to providing a summary of the way that you spend your time, MyAnalytics for Office 365 will also suggest ways that you can reduce ineffective meeting time and cut the amount of time that you work after hours. The app also helps you to manage your to-do list by using artificial intelligence (AI) to flag commitments that you have already made in your emails. As an example, the app might suggest that you devote more time to urgent tasks if it determines that you are spending too much time in unproductive meetings.

Personal Productivity Insights

Employees seem to be spending more and more time sitting in unproductive meetings, sending emails and talking on the phone. However, you can receive AI-generated suggestions that will help you set aside focus time before your schedule becomes completely filled with much less productive tasks. The suggestions will also remind you to follow up with important people and stay on top of your emails and tasks. By taking advantage of such suggestions, you will be able to get more focus time, further your relationships and improve the balance between your work and personal life. However, you have the ability to opt-in or opt-out of this feature.

Work Pattern Improvement

MyAnalytics will help you to better understand your work pattern so that you can improve upon it. Once your work pattern is determined, the app will recommend ways to free up some of your time and improve the efficiency of certain of your tasks. This will gain you some valuable time that you can use to focus or to disconnect and recharge. You will also have more time for networking and collaborating.

DIY Option

If you are bothered by the fact that Microsoft is tracking your activities, you should realize that this information is already available in your email and calendar. In fact, you really don’t need Microsoft at all to figure out how much time you are spending every day processing emails, attending meetings and processing emails while attending meetings—you could simply do it yourself. You could gather the data from your business IT support system and perform the analysis yourself. It’s just that Microsoft can do it more efficiently, and MyAnaltyics will put the information in your dashboard, making it more convenient and easy to read.

App Evolution

Although a version of MyAnalytics has been around for a while, Microsoft continues to improve the app and add new features. Recently, they announced the addition of new insights related to team calls and chats plus information from OneDrive and SharePoint. Because of the huge number of companies and organizations using teams, this should provide more insight into how you and other employees are spending your time at work.


Your personal data and insights will be completely private. No one will be able to see your data other than you. The app provides flexible controls that can be configured to meet the legal and policy needs of any organization. Admins determine who should have access to MyAnalytics and issue licenses exclusively to those individuals. Admins are also able to exclude incremental data from employees in sensitive positions. Additionally, employees have the choice to opt-in or opt-out, and admins can set the default position to off so that an employee has to knowingly opt in to use the app.

Bottom Line

When you boil it all down, the ultimate goal of MyAnalytics is to make your workdays more balanced and fulfilling. It is designed to increase focus and reduce the factors that contribute to employee burnout, such as a faster work pace, more emails and an increase in meetings. These factors tend to blur the lines between an employee’s work life and their personal life.

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