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Phone Systems

Slash Your Communication Costs, For Good

Gone are the days of being stuck with an out-dated phone system that’s inefficient to use and costly to maintain. With a cloud-based VOIP phone system, you can slash the cost of your communications while giving your team access to a wide range of additional features. By hosting your business’s phone systems over the internet, you’ll have access to all of your regular call features with the added benefits of mobility, next-generation security and on-demand scalability. Rest assured, our partners over at Novum Networks will get your new phone system setup in no time at all.


With quick setup times and simple, web-based administration, we’ll simplify your business’s communications with all of the benefits of the cloud.


By leveraging the Broadsoft communications platform, your business will be in safe hands with a market-leading platform that offers 99.999% uptime.


Easily scale your phone services to match the unique needs of your business with automatic updates, directly on the cloud.

Reduce Your Costs

With a cloud-based phone system, you can minimise your upfront costs and keep your monthly expenses low and predictable. Unlike a traditional PBX phone system, you won’t ever have to worry about managing or maintaining an on-premises system as your VOIP phone system will always be automatically updated and maintained.

Keep Multiple Locations Connected

Since the entire system is hosted in the cloud, it gives your team the ability to access the same phone network from multiple physical locations. Easily keep your team connected and productive across various branches and even share the connection across multiple countries. It’s a phone system that’s designed to be as powerful as it is flexible.

Integrate With Your Business Applications

Integrate your new phone system with popular business applications including Skype, Salesforce and common CRM’s to streamline the internal processes and workflows that keep your business running. Free up the resources currently wasted on these time-consuming tasks and reinvest that time into the growth of your business instead.

It’s a communication’s system that’s designed to propel your business forward.