Saas Protection (Cloud-to-Cloud Backup)

Insure your business against data loss across G Suite and Office 365, including Gmail, Google Drive, Team Drives, Exchange Online, OneDrive and SharePoint.

SaaS (Software as a Service) store their data in the cloud. This gives a business a false sense of security because their emails and files are now in the cloud and stored with a much larger company. 

Business critical system such as Email and Offsite storage services such as OneDrive are not immune to the following and thus need to be protected:

– User Error (deletion of company files)

– Ransomware Attacks (Your files being encrypted and locked)

– SaaS platform outages 

Limit Liability and Control Your Data

 One in three users have experienced data loss in the cloud. The most common cause: users simply deleting files or emails by accident. Datto SaaS Protection unlinks critical business information from the user who created it and hands control back to the MSP and small business owner.


Protect your data and ensure damage control

Internal threats and external attacks are on the rise. Small businesses are at risk without an independent backup: they can lose data, lose time, and therefore, lose revenue. Work confidently knowing that even malicious attacks can be “undone” when a prior backup of cloud data is restored.


Ensure rigorous data security

Public companies, healthcare providers, financial organizations, and others with strict regulations must ensure that data is encrypted and protected in transit and at rest. SaaS Protection’s SOC 2 Type II compliance ensures that rigorous standards for data security are met.


User Management

Easily move data from one user to another when your employees leave the company, or, you can choose to store that data without having to pay for the user’s monthly license fee. All data in SaaS Protection can be restored in its original state, right back into the application. 


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