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Wireless Networking

Unwire Your Business

In a world that’s becoming increasingly mobile, the demand for flexible connectivity has never been greater. With an ever-increasing reliance on mobile devices to handle every aspect of our personal and professional lives, your business needs a wireless networking system that is easy to setup, manage and use. That’s why at Addictive, we’ve partnered with Datto to set your business up with their networking cloud management system. That means smarter, simpler and more reliable Wi-Fi for you.

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Wireless networking shouldn’t just simplify your physical infrastructure, it should also simplify your management. That’s why with the Datto cloud-managed network controller, you can easily manage and monitor your entire network from any browser. That means less time managing your networks and much fewer headaches for you.



With enterprise-grade Wi-Fi featuring dual-band simultaneous 2.4GHz/5GHz, you’ll have nothing less than a powerful wireless network that will help you propel your business forward. With Wi-Fi performance that’s on par with wired infrastructures, you can enjoy increased flexibility at reduced costs.



Gone are the days where one faulty connection could lead to drastic network failures. With Datto’s unique self-healing mesh, your access points work together to form a self-organising, self-healing, and encrypted network that gives you consistent Wi-Fi access, whenever you need it.

Cloud Management

Each Datto Networking Wi-Fi access point includes a full-featured, cloud-managed network controller that allows you to build, monitor and manage your network from any browser. With cloud-connectivity, network technicians can also easily drill down into individual access points to debug any issues – saving you time and money in the process.

Self-Healing Mesh

Gone are the days of frustrating, unreliable Wi-Fi access with limited connectivity. With Datto’s self-healing networks, all of the access points work together to form a self-organizing, self-healing, encrypted mesh network that provides you with seamless Wi-Fi connectivity across the entire network. Never deal with dead Wi-Fi spots, ever again.

Datto Netwrok Guarantee

We understand that unexpected network downtimes can cost your business money. That’s why you’ll always be covered by Datto’s three-year replacement warranty. If you ever have an issue with your device, they’ll send you a brand new one before you even have to send the faulty one back. Just leave it to Datto to keep your network up and running with minimal downtimes.

Ready to increase our productivity with a powerful wireless network? So are we.